Young Latin American Photographer: Eny Roland Hernández

Posted on August - 17 - 2016

In an age of digital communication, photography plays an indispensable role. An image, after all, can convey more feeling and information than any well-written text. In developing countries, where social inequalities and human rights leave much to be desired, photographers have often opted for a more poetic take on showing the social and political turmoil and differences. A new generation of photographers is emerging from Central America, each with his own personal style and comment on the subject matter.

In Scoop Art we are happy to count among our selection the works of three very talented young photographers, whose careers are deluged with both critical and commercial success. One of them is the Guatemalan-born photographer Eny Roland Hernández.


El Convite de Totonicapan

Eny Roland Hernández, Guatemala

Eny Roland Hernández was born in Guatemala and is a self-taught photographer who first started getting attention with his provocative portraits in the cultural segment of the newspaper Siglo XXI. He then progresses to create his often controversial and critical series like Convite de Totonicapán, where he photographed life-size western characters in provincial locations of the interior of the country. In his latest series Fábrica de Santos, Las Penitentes de la Recolección, Magdalena, Dulce Mortificación he portrays characters related to religious iconography in a very baroque and convoluted manner, thus presenting a social critique on traditional stereotypes and traditions deeply rooted in the social imaginary of Latin America. Hernández has also produced public work of considerable dimensions starting with his series Téstigos Urbanos, where his segments large-scale photographs and places them in public spaces, thus firing collective attention. His unique and personal style set him apart, and his sizable images are recognizable in various parts of the Guatemalan capital.

His work has been exhibited in countless exhibitions in Guatemala, as well as in Central America and his photographs have earned him prizes in international compilations. So it’s easy to say that the young photographer has a long career ahead of him.

By: Gabriela Martinez


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