Upcoming Latin American Biennials in the month of September

Posted on August - 31 - 2016

In the month of September, several Biennales will be taking place in Latin America throughout December. Be sure to keep track of them and their activities.

10th Central American Biennial, San José and Puerto Limón, Costa Rica

30 August – 30 September 2016

The Central American Biennial reaches its tenth edition since it was founded in 1998. International cultural professionals as well as entrepreneurs promote the event, and since its beginnings, it has taken place in a different country in Central America. The titled for this year’s Biennial is “All the Lives” and focuses on presenting the outcome of discussions and meetings held between artists and curators, dealing with issues regarding the differences that result from in social systems and how can altered ways of dealing with life can force us to imagine new realities and strain the relationship between the private and the unrestricted. The biennial is curated by Tamara Días Bringas and co-curated by Adán Vallencillo, Edgar León, Gladioska García, Gladys Turner Bosso, Marlov Barrios and Simón Vega. The inclusive modality of the Biennal will provide activities, workshops, and exhibitions throughout the Central American region. As for its headquarter in Costa Rica, it will exhibit both in Puerto Limón and in various institutions and independent spaces in San José.


32nd São Paulo Biennial, São Paulo, Brazil

10 September – 11 December 2016

The 32th edition of the oldest Biennial in Latin America takes the name “Incerteza Viva” (Life Uncertainty) and will be curated by Jochen Volz with the co-curation of Lars Bang Larsen, Gabi Ngcobo, Sofía Olascoaga and Julia Rebouças and will be held at the Ciccillo Matarazzo Pavilion. The impressive selection presents 81 international artists. The intellectual focus of this Biennial will be the uncertainties that arise in multiple social and scientific disciplines, and how these ambiguities affect quotidian and individual lives as well as well the big-scale global development. As always, the Biennial promises rigorous intellectual engagement through cultural workshops and lectures that accompany the event.


3rd Montevideo Biennial, Montevideo, Uruguay

29 September – 15 December 2016

The youngest of the three Biennials is hosting its third edition this year, entitled “El Espejo Enterrado” (The Buried Mirror) and will be curated by Alfons Hug and co-curated by Jacqueline Lacasa. The Montevideo Biennial was created as a non-profit organization destined to promote Uruguayan art as well as to create a dynamic dialogue with the international art scene. In this edition, the work presented by the artists will focus on building a bridge between international and regional relations and bring their difference to light, not derogatorily but displaying them as fertile places where new answers to actual social circumstances can be found.

By: Gabriela Martínez de la Hoz


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