Twenty Rules for Collecting Art

Posted on November - 9 - 2015

There are no rules for collecting art, buf it there were, here are the Twenty Rules:

1. Only buy art that you like.

2. Buy art that other people don’t.

3. Buy art that you don’t understand.

4. Buy art that makes you uncomfortable.

5. Don’t buy art that won’t change your life.

6. Buy art that doesn’t even try to seduce you.

7. Buy art that doesn’t fit in the trunk of your car.

8. Buy art that makes you laugh out loud the first time you see it.

9. Buy art that changes the way you understand what art can be.

10. Buy art that you can’t get out of your mind – for whatever reason.

11. Don’t buy art because it was on the cover of a magazine.

12. Don’t buy art because all the big collectors have one.

13. Don’t buy art because it was in a biennial.

14. Don’t buy art because you’re bored.

15. Don’t buy art to impress someone.

16. Don’t buy art as an investment.

17. Don’t sell art to spite someone.

18. Don’t sell art at an auction.

19. Don’t buy art at an auction.

20. Only buy art that you love!


Collecting is a Job in New York By: Bob Nickas