Three Latin American Galleries present at Art Basel 2017

Posted on June - 21 - 2017

ABHK17, Galleries, kurimanzutto, PR

ABHK17, Galleries, kurimanzutto, PR

Kurimanzutto. Photo courtesy: Artsy

As the Venice Biennale stirs the art world, summoning curators, artists, collectors and anyone who is interested in experiencing a striking display of commissioned artworks from all corners of the world, the art market is equally agitated by the irresistible and biggest art fair around. Art Basel has become a household name that it’s expanded to the U.S. in its December edition of Art Basel Miami and to the Asian market with Art Basel Hong Kong. In its 2017 editions, Art Basel opened its doors to the general public on Thursday, 15 until the past Sunday presenting over 290 international galleries exhibiting the work of more 4000 artists. This year will prove especially successful since, Europe is already hosting two of the major art events in the world, and the hype for art is buzzing. It’s estimated that the sales of this year will soar to the $3 billion. Although the fair’s booths show the dominance of German, French and British galleries, aiming at the northern hemisphere, Latin American galleries are ever present in this prestigious event, ready to add some spice and flavor to the mix. Here are three of the Latin American galleries that shone among the international giants.

Kurimanzutto, Mexico City, Mexico

It’s no surprise that this prestigious gallery made the list and remains setting itself apart in the international arena. Yearly it attends more fairs that most Latin American galleries would dream off. The gallery was also present in the March edition of Art Basel in Hong Kong, exposing its artists to the Asian market. In this edition of Art Basel, the gallery showcased the works of Gabriel Kuri, Jimmie Durham, Gabriel Orozco, Alexandra Bachzetsis, Minerva Cuevas, Anri Sala and Rirktrit Tiravanija. Characterized by its bold but contained montages, the pieces acted harmoniously in the stand, highlighting the quality of the artist’s work.

OMR, Mexico City, Mexico

Another of Mexico’s finest galleries, OMR is not new to the art fair circuit having been present in the last three years in both Art Basel and Art Basel Miami, among other international events. Its purpose to create a bridge between Mexico and the global market and still maintain an edgy agenda makes this gallery one to follow. In close competition with kurimanzutto, the gallery represents contemporary artists who are renowned internationally, and this year its booth showcased the works of Gabriel Rico, Julieta Aranda, Daniel Silver, Atelier Van Lieshout, Matti Braun and Jose Davila. The playful work of Rico “ODA II” and the sticking installation by Davila give their box a vibrant feeling and unique look.

OMR gallery. Photo Courtesy: OMR

Fortes D’Aloia & Gabriel, São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

This giant from the south is also not new to the Basel extravaganza. Being present in both Art Basel Honk Kong and Art Basel Miami, this gallery represents few of the biggest names in Brazil and South America as well as foreign artists, young and established, through ambitious exhibitions. This year their booth presented pieces by Erika Verzutti, Efrain Almeida, Cristiano Lenhardt, Barbar Wagner, Jac Leirner and Ernesto Neto. The variety of their works, from the kitschy pictures of Wagner to the malleable and colorful installations of Neto, make their booth an explosion of color and form that best represents the Brazilian effervescence.

Also, the presence of Latin American artists was felt in the section Unlimited curated by Gianni Jetzer with the works of the great Gabriel Kuri, Antonio Vega Macotela, Julio Le Park, Helio Oiticica, Cildo Meireles presented in stands that aim to transcend the traditional art-show convention.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz