Three Artist Residency programs in Latin America to follow

Posted on April - 26 - 2016

In order for the artistic community to keep on growing and producing new and exciting art, experimentation and investigation are needed. This freedom of expression needs versatile spaces that work as laboratories of ideas and exchange. As an artist, curator or cultural producer, being in a different country and exposed to diverse realities can generate new perspectives and help create a deep-rooted dialogue between the local and global. These exchanges take the form of artist’s residencies that, since the nineties, have proliferated across the globe. In Scoop Art, we value the importance of independent initiatives and we take a look at three that prove to be relevant in Latin America due to their trajectory and programs: 

Lugar a Dudas, Cali, Colombia

Literally translated as “place for doubts”, like its name suggests, is an independent space that aims to reflect and create new critiques about artistic practices and the complexity around the world we live in.  Founded in 2004 by Óscar Muñoz and Sally Mizrachi. Their artists residency program aims to unite artist from all over the world. Their residency program has no rigid structure; it allows the artist to develop his/her project with freedom and spontaneity. 


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SOMA, Mexico D.F., Mexico

Founded in 2009 as a collective collaboration between several artists that consider that independent artists-run spaces were needed to provide a place for dialogue and creation, a living laboratory of ideas. Taking inspiration from the early La Panadería, Yoshua Okón together with other artists such as Francis Alÿs, Teresa Margolles, Mario Garcia Torres and Julieta Aranda created the structure for such a place and came up with SOMA´s current structure. It consists of 3 different programs: Soma two-year Academic Program targeted to artists and cultural producers; SOMA eight-week Summer Program and Miércoles de SOMA, a series of free lectures and presentations. 

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Beta-Local, San Juan, Puerto Rico

Beta-Local was founded in January of 2010 as a non-profit organization by Tony Cruz, Michy Marcuach and Beatriz Santiago Muñoz. It is currently run by its three co-directors Pablo Guardiola, Sofía Gallisá Muriente and one of its founders Tony Cruz. It runs three parallel programs: La Practica, a nine-month research, and production program for artists and cultural agents; The Harbor, a residency program in which artists, curators and others living abroad, live in Beta-Local and La Ivan Illich, and experimental pedagogical platform through which anyone can propose a class or workshop. 

By: Gabriela Martinez


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