This year Zona Maco Foto presents its 3rd edition

Posted on September - 20 - 2017

Photo Courtesy: Zona Maco

Photo Courtesy: Zona Maco

Photography is sometimes overshadowed in contemporary production in comparison to other media, having exhausted itself in the last decades where the market and the media, have produced an infinite supply of images and redefining photography. Nowadays photographers are made overnight and shine through the digital corridors of social media, where followers grow exponentially, and faceless creatives can become instant digital celebrities. Nonetheless, photography is still considered a form of art, and as such, it is dealt by galleries, auction houses and exhibited in fairs. All that said, photography’s demand and primary market is still on the rise since it offers collectors decorative pieces at accessible prices.

In the art world, Zona Maco is one of the most awaited art fairs in Latin America. It’s no wonder that its popularity and commercial success led the Zona Maco organization to establish Zona Maco Foto, which this year is hosting its 3rd edition, presenting a selection of vintage, modern and contemporary photography from local as well as international galleries. Together with Zona Maco Foto comes the 4th edition of the Salón del Anticuario, which presents a selection of antique objects such as sculptures, paintings and graphic arts produced before 1960.

Photo Courtesy: Zona Maco

This year 26 galleries will be displaying their finest works, in which 12 of those are international and hail from abroad. Among their ranks are Momentum Fine Art and Smith-Davidson Gallery from Miami, Raffaella de Chirico from Turin, Arte Globale from London and Henrique Faria from New York and much more. As part of the fair’s agenda, there is the section entitled Zona Maco Solo were 22 projects were selected by curator Johann Mergenthaler, ranging from vintage to contemporary photographers that come under the unifying concept “L’Indra-ordinary” (infra-ordinary). Among this assortment, there can be found works by Gabriel Orozco, Marcelo Brodsky, Tercerunquinto and Lourdes Grobet.

The event will open its doors to the public this Wednesday, 20th until Sunday 24th at the Citibanex Center in Conscripto Avenue. Be sure to follow your favorite photographers and see what they’re presenting.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz