The versatility of lines in the works of 3 artists

Posted on April - 19 - 2017

Luciano Goizueta. Photo courtesy: the Artist

Right now the art world is booming with off the wall installations, and complex actions that would make a Renaissance cross-eyed and utterly confused at was he is seeing. That even manages to occur to people nowadays who still wonder “What is art anyways?”. There is no doubt that art, like many other disciplines, has challenged convention and transcend into other disciplines, utilizing technological innovations to fuel its wow-factor. We live now in a post-internet era. But what ever happens to the simplicity? Art started as simple lines and strokes made by cavemen in dark caves assisted only by the dim light of flames and sunlight, eager to represent life around them.

As the world turns more complicated, art follows not so far behind. Still, some artists stick to a simpler approach, where less means more. These artists manage with absolute virtue and skill to use the most uncomplicated elements, such as lines to construct beautiful compositions. There’s just something about a straightforward and definite set of lines that enthralls and mesmerizes, either it be figurative or abstract.

In Scoop Art we appreciate the fine lines drawn by our artists and celebrate their work. Here are three artists whose simple yet compelling work delights us.

Alfredo Ceibal 

One of Guatemala’s most revered artists, Alfredo Ceibal is known for his imaginative and cryptic works, which enchant and immerse spectators into the artist’s world of anthropomorphic characters. He conveys hidden stories with just simple lines that whisper different meanings to everyone. We particularly enjoy his Diálogos where Ceibal deals with the problems of human communications through dialogues.

Alfredo Ceibal “Diálogos”

Luciano Goizueta 

The Costarican artist has done his studies in the graphic arts, and that shows in his unique compositions. Just with simple lines as his prime media, he constructs detailed and concise, but ingenious drawings that are playful at first glance but have a more serious undertone.  Their simple and reassured lines contrast effortlessly with the white vacuum of the paper. He has had solo exhibitions in Guatemala, Panama and the U.S.A., which promises a long career for the young artist.

Luciano Goizueta “Una Sola Idea”

Mauricio Contreras-Paredes 

Another young and up-and-coming artist Mauricio Contreras-Paredes has become a household name in Guatemala, with big scale commissions, murals and significant demand for his work. Contreras-Paredes completed his studies in Toronto in Visual Arts and Socio-Cultural Anthropology and merges these two disciplines in his work, dealing with concepts of space, distance, and identity through geometry. Although his works are usually chromatic fields, his drawings are equally attractive.  In Distorted Planes III, V & VIII he plays with empty spaces defined by the play of bright lines.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Mauricio Contreras Paredes “Distorted Planes III, V, VIII”