The Most Iconic Latin American Artists of the 1990’s

Posted on November - 25 - 2015

Whether through fashion, music or art the 1990’s are making a huge comeback! Here is our list of the most iconic contemporary artists of the 1990’s.

1. León Ferrari (1920 – 2013): A recent Scoop Art Master (read our news post here), León Ferrari will forever be remembered for conveying powerful messages through art. The popular Argentinean artist questioned concepts such as war, religion, power, sex, and racism though his famous paintings, ceramic sculptures, poetry and his famous “heliografías”.


2. Carlos Cruz-Diez: Born in Venezuela on August 17, 1923, Cruz-Diez has dedicated his life to art, which he refers to as a series of “investigations”, as everything he completes is a product of methodical purpose and nothing is done randomly, except for the combination of colors he selects.

Through variation in color, he manages to create an autonomous reality that is a reflection of the message he is trying to convey. His artwork is then, in his own words, “an integration of the rational and the emotional. I don’t get inspired: I reflect”.

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11887941-470453969800118-6924255265052859907-n.jpgPhoto: Carlos Cruz-Diez

3. Vik Muniz: Born in 1961 in São Paulo, Brazil, the photographer and artist made his way to the top by creatively using commonplace objects such as sugar and garbage in his photographs. The film Waste Land which featured the artist for his work on garbage dumps in Rio de Janeiro was nominated for an Academy Award in 2010 for Best Documentary Feature. He currently lives in New York City and Rio de Janeiro.

vik-muniz-sikkema-jenkins-2-600x842.jpgPhoto: Design-Milk

4. Fernando Botero: Born in 1932 in Colombia, the artist became known for his particular style “Boterismo”, which portrays people in a grandiose and exaggerated way. Few Latin American artists have been able to reach an international level of critical acclaim like Botero has- he recently worked on politically-charged pieces focusing on the war in Iraq, which was presented at the Palazzo Venezia in 2005.

5. Los Carpinteros: The young Cuban group or “collective” was created in 1992 in La Havana by three talented artists- Marco Antonio Castillo Valdez, Dagoberto Rodríguez Sánchez and Alexandre Jesús Arrechea Zambrano. Their humorous installations filled with creative and visual puns have made them an international sensation! Read our blog post on Cuban contemporary art here. Frío Estudio del Desastre

6. Oswaldo Guayasamín (1919 – 1999): Born in Ecuador, the visual artist will forever be remembered for his universal and personable work, which is considered transcendental because of the artist’s hardships in life and how he translated them into something beautiful. His most important work of art was initiated in 1996 called “La Capilla del Hombre”, which was a tribute to human suffering (specifically in Latin America).

7. Rodolfo Abularach: Born in 1933 in Guatemala City, the artist of Palestinian descent has won the Guggenheim Fellowship for Creative Arts for Latin America and the Caribbean. The painter, sculptor and engraver has mostly centralized his work around the human eye.

8. Margarita Azurdia (1931 – 1998): The Guatemalan artist also known by the name Margot Fanjul was a sculptor, painter, performance artist and poet. In 1999 the Margarita Azurdia Museum was inaugurated in her own home to honor and display her life’s work.

15.jpgPhoto: Abstraction in Action

9. Rufino Tamayo (1899 – 1991): The Mexican painter created amazing paintings influenced by surrealism and created in figurative abstraction style. He was part of the well-known “Group of Three” along with other famous artists such as Rivera and Siqueiros, which reached international popularity in the 1990’s.

10. Fernando de Szyslo: Another Scoop Art Master to be featured recently on our website, the artist was born in Lima, Peru in 1925 and at 90 years of age has won several awards and recognition for his abstract expressionism, as well as the intellectual intentness that accompanies all of his work. It is displayed at many of the world’s most recognized museums including The Guggenheim in New York City and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Spain. Read our news post here.

By: Daniela Serra


Photo: Notimex