The “Giclée”: Not Just Another Art Print

Posted on July - 28 - 2015

Pronounced “zhee-clay” due to its French roots, the giclée technique is growing in popularity amongst art buyers and collectors. The term giclée means “to vaporize or spray”, in this case related to the application of different tints using a high-quality digital printer (ink-jet, to be exact).

This type of printing allows artists to better manipulate their artwork, which in turn provides higher quality and resolution for digital prints, giving them an almost realistic look as though it were an original painting. This is generally due to the technique’s ability to recreate an artist’s unique strokes, tones and patterns.

Because of this, giclée is often used as a synonym for “fine art printing”, and is now being sold at recognized museums around the world. Another added perk of giclée? The artist can rapidly reproduce individual pieces as demand for their work grows, and can do so in almost any size and quantity. The result of this is a highly customizable work of art for the client.

Utilizing this particular technique also signifies the use of acid-free paper and more luxurious types of canvas and other substrates as well, guaranteeing a longer lifespan for the pieces you invest in.

What are you waiting for? Take a look at Scoop Art’s amazing giclée prints, like this one by Lezzueck Asturias or this one by Mauricio Contreras-Paredes and tell us what you think!

By: Daniela Serra


Lezzueck Asturias “Africa Unite”

Photo: Lezzueck Asturias