The Essence of Modern Abstraction in Latin America: A Short Introduction

Posted on July - 14 - 2015

Since the early 20th. century modern abstraction has paved its way into Latin American art, now making it one of the most sought-after styles by art buyers. Popular artists who specialize in modern abstraction include Carlos Cruz-Diez and Fernando de Szyzlo (check out our post on this artist here).

Often reduced to terms such as “simple” and “clean”, the powerful message behind these works of art is anything but. What is amazing about modern abstraction is its ability to diversify into various forms of art, such as architecture, sculpture and photography while at the same time unearthing political opinions that are very personal both to the artist and to the current period of time it belongs to.  

International enthusiasm towards modern abstraction has grown dramatically in the past few years, in part due to the overwhelming rejection of autocratic governments that occupy countries like Cuba. To exemplify this rise in popularity, artworks by renowned artists such as Joaquín Torres García and Jesús Rafael Soto have sold for more than $800,000 each at international auctions.


 Jesús Rafael Soto “Mural No. 10”

Photo: Durban Segnini Gallery


If you love modern abstraction as much as we do, you’re in luck! Until October 11th, the Durban Segnigni Gallery is holding an exhibition titled Abstraction and Constructivism: Continuity and Breakdown of Latin-American Modernity. 

By: Daniela Serra


Omar Rayo “Quipu V”

Photo: Durban Segnini Gallery