Taking Care of Your Art

Posted on August - 29 - 2016

Congratulations! You’ve invested in an amazing piece or are perhaps on your way to building an impressive art collection. Now that the fun part is over (just kidding- the fun part is showing it off to everyone) how do you take care of it? Read on to find out how you can keep your art- whether painting, sculpture or photography- looking spectacular for years to come.

Rule #1: Proper Documentation

Although the physical appearance of your art is crucial, make sure to properly document your art’s data and records such as:

  • who sold it to you
  • purchase price, date and location
  • color photographs of every possible angle
  • previous ownership

This information is important in case or damage, theft and insurance purposes.

Rule #2: Hire a trained professional to do the work

When it comes to actually repairing art, hire a qualified conservator to complete the process.

Photo Courtesy: Liliana Iturriaga

Rule #3: Hanging, cleaning, framing and storage are the daily essentials

  • Invest in a good, soft brush that is preferably not made of feather or sheep skin to clean accumulated dust.
  • NEVER clean it with water yourself.
  • Taking care of the frame is just as important as the artwork itself.

Rule #4: If traveling or moving the piece is involved, make sure to plan ahead

  • wear gloves
  • decide on the destination/location before moving it
  • pack it wisely
  • hire some help

Rule #5: Check the display location beforehand

Make sure that the wall or furniture you’re placing your art on is not damp, under direct sunlight or close to direct sources of heat. The best places to display your art are dry and cool with good air circulation. Also, make sure to check for possible pest sources whenever you can.

By: Daniela Serra


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