Scoop Art’s new artist Gioconda Rojas

Posted on April - 5 - 2016


12750267-1381452605294993-397505464-nPhoto Credits: Gioconda Rojas

Born in 1967 in San Jose, Costa Rica, Gioconda Rojas is one of the highest regarded artists of her generation. Not only does she has excelled in painting, but she has also managed to successfully transcend the traditional medium, and experiment into other forms of production. With a degree in Graphic Arts from the University of Costa Rica, Rojas has since worked in renovations, scenic design, photography and was a key member of the Curators Board. She has also lived and worked abroad, teaching Art at the Florida State University in Tallahassee. 

Due to her rich and personal work, she has been praised and well received not only in her home country, Costa Rica but also throughout Central America, such as Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Panama, as well as in the United States, Mexico, Switzerland and Spain and has had the opportunity of displaying her unique work in several collective exhibitions as well as solo shows, her last being “Solo Artist Project” in Art Santa Fe Trifecta, New Mexico. 

Gioconda Rojas “Alegría”

Since she has expertly dabbled in various media, such as canvas painting, assemblages, found objects, sculptures, her work carries deep and subjective connotations, transmitted through her subtle and delicate forms. Her paintings are the evidence of her thoughts and experiences, transcribed in rich plasters of paint or in translucent and gentle glazes. In some occasions she elevates the materiality of her work, bestowing the canvas with a strong chromatic appearance and in other she emphasizes her textual thoughts through coherent and intimate aphorisms, like in her series “Interior Calligraphy”. Her versatility is clearly manifested in her assemblages, where she opts for an essentialist stance to manifest the polysemous qualities of different everyday objects. What turns out to be the binding concept behind her prolific production is her personal take on transformation and the tangible evidence it leaves behind in every person’s life.

In Scoop Art we greatly admire and praise her work and we hope that you can also enjoy it. 

By: Gabriela Martínez


Gioconda Rojas “Arbol de Luz”