Scoop Art Special: Why 2015 was the Year for Latin American Art

Posted on January - 12 - 2016

The “earth” without “art” is just “eh”. From rising talents and seasoned artists to amazing art fairs, museums and galleries, it’s only fair to say that 2015 has been a special year for Latin American art. The Latino art community has added a much needed spice to this industry- read on to learn why!

At Scoop Art, we believe it takes a special kind of genius to create art that is not only visually appealing but also says something important about our reality today. Knowing how to communicate your unique way of critical thinking to the world is a craft- the interweaving of social, political and cultural elements into creativity is what makes art fascinating. Cuba, for example, underwent an important upheaval of its political structure this year and it was documented beautifully through art (to learn more about Cuban artists, read here).

This was a year for art diversification as well- art fairs, galleries, museums and cultural events promoted not only traditional ways of art but contemporary genres as well, such as installations in uncommon spaces you might not expect.

Thirdly, the combined artistic expression of the many different countries that make up Latin America made an impression around the world- from Art Basel Basel to Pinta Miami, thousands of artists from countries like Peru, Colombia and Guatemala set high standards. What Latin American artist made an impression on you?

We want to thank our loyal readers for following us on this journey, as well as welcome new art enthusiasts to join our amazing Scoop Art family. As always, let us know why you thought 2015 was great for art and what you hope to see in 2016. Cheers!

By: Daniela Serra


Art Basel 2015 Photo: Creative Mapping