Scoop Art Special: Top Galleries in Latin America

Posted on September - 29 - 2015

A few decades ago, no one would have thought that Latin America would become an ever-expanding hub for art.  Although there has been some controversy surrounding the term “Latin-American art” as all countries in this region are distinct and immensely diversified, they all have an outstanding characteristic that unifies them: a strong passion for art that is firmly rooted in its history and culture. 

These 5 galleries below have aided in the advancement of Latin American art around the globe by supporting artistic expression. Read below for Scoop Art’s top galleries.


1. Casa Daros, Brazil

More like an art space than a gallery, Casa Daros in Rio de Janeiro caters to education, cultural activities and Latin American contemporary art. Its impressive collection includes a variety of mediums such as sculpture, photography, paintings and installations.


2. Kurimanzutto, Mexico

Originally created as a “travelling” art space, it now has a permanent location that represents more than 31 national and international artists. It supports both young and established contemporary artists and maintains a strong desire for research and the advancement of Latin American art through innovative exhibitions and installations.


3. Galeria Raquel Arnaud, Brazil

Founded in 1973,  this gallery focuses on the geometrical abstraction segment and houses artists such as Scoop Art favorite Carlos Cruz-Diez. “Forerunner of the artistic brazilian market, Raquel Arnaud’s Art Gallery played a fundamental role in the development and consolidation of contemporary art”.


4. Nueveochenta, Colombia

Opened in 2007, the purpose of this gallery is the advancement of Latin American contemporary art, and is home to a variety of workshops, seminars, and conferences related to the plastic arts.


5. Espacio de Arte Contemporáneo, Uruguay

Previously an abandoned jail, this renovated art space caters to the research, exploration, and analysis of contemporary art.


By: Daniela Serra