Scoop Art Special: Investing in Painting or Sculpture

Posted on February - 2 - 2016

Thinking of smart ways to invest your money in? At Scoop Art, we believe investing in an amazing piece of art is one of the best decisions you can make this year. Read on to learn why!

1.) The art market has been on the rise since 2009’s economic downfall- from hundreds of new museums and galleries all over the world to popular fairs like Art Basel, art is coveted and trending more than ever before.

2.) Think sculpture is only something you trip on accidentally at museums? Think again. The greatest art collections have been created by mixing pieces from different times, genres and artists. Sculptures can oftentimes be the most expensive art piece you will invest in, but don’t overlook it, as their price can skyrocket in a matter of years, making sculpture a great investment.

3.) Collecting art is a delicate balance between heart, mind and vision. You don’t have to buy big to make a good investment – start with small pieces that you can afford and love, and slowly build your way up from there (read more on how to buy art with confidence here).

4.) A painting or sculpture in your home or office can be categorized as a “hard asset” – a commodity that you physically own and can take care of yourself.

5.) There is no hidden financial market to tamper with prices, meaning that the value of your art investment will never be “eliminated”.

6.) You don’t have to be an art expert or have deep pockets to invest in art you love. Did you know our online art shop sells amazing (and affordable) pieces by emerging and established artists? Check out our wonderful Latin American artwork and tell us what you think! 

By: Daniela Serra


 Efraín Cruz “Red”