Scoop Art Special: Cuban Contemporary Art

Posted on November - 10 - 2015

“I think Cubans are dreamers and poets from birth and put their dreams and their poetry into music and art” – Sandra Levinson

The Cuban visual art scene has been gaining momentum since the early 1980’s and is as trendsetting and popular as ever. Its 12th Havana Art Biennal in June has continuously helped the country establish itself as one to watch, as more young artists are emerging and awakening an artistic revival that is being heard loud and clear around the world.

A great deal of Cuba’s leading contemporary artists have recently exhibited their work at influential museums and galleries such as MoMA and The Guggenheim, and we believe this will only become greater as the United States and Cuba embark on a new relationship.

Innovative, provocative, and politically charged (not to mention relatively inexpensive), Cuban art is as revolutionary as the individuals trying to change their country!

Take a look at 11 amazing Cuban artists!

1. Jesús Hdez-Güero: Scoop Art’s first ever Cuban artist to be featured! Read our Artist Spotlight to find out more…

2. Los Carpinteros: an art collective formed by artists Marco Castillo, Dagoberto Rodríguez and Alexandre Arrechea focusing mainly on witty installations.
Photo: of Frío Estudio del Desastre


3. Adonis Flores (1971, Sancti Spritus) Photography, performance and sculpture.

4. Reynier Leyva Novo (1983, La Havana) Has participated in various group and solo exhibitions in Miami, New York and Mexico.

5. Juan Roberto Diago (1971, La Havana) Painter, won the Juan Francisco Elso Prize awarded by Cuba’s National Fine Arts Museum.

6. Glenda Leon (1976, La Havana) Conceptual Artist whose work includes video art and drawings.

7. Carlos Garacoia (1967, La Havana): One of the most multitalented Cuban artists of his time, whose work includes sculpture, text, installations and photography.

8. Duvier del Dago (1976, Zulueta) A student of renowned contemporary artist René Francisco Rodríguez.


Photo: Galerie Ouizeman

9. Alejandro Campins (1981, Manzanillo) Graduated from “El Alba”, Professional Academy of Fine Arts in Holguín, Cuba.

10. Alain Pino Hernandez (1974, Camagüey) Visual artist who centers his work around paradoxes.

11. Humberto Diaz (1975, Cienfuegos) Installations and performance art.

“And I think Cuba as a nation recognizes the importance of art because Cubans are artists from birth, in the way they live, in the way they produce, in the way they construct their lives. They are not the most practical people in the world — practical people don’t make revolutions — but they are super smart, and they relate to one another. That’s allowed them to build a real community, and if you live in a real community you can accomplish miracles.” – Sandra Levinson

By: Daniela Serra