Scoop Art Master: León Ferrari (1920-2013)

Posted on September - 1 - 2015

Happy birthday Leon Ferrari! Scoop Art is celebrating the gifted artist, who would have been 95 years old on September 3. He is most known for creating conceptual art pieces that are bursting with political content, which were often tools used to take a stance against traditional ideals of society and forced authority.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1920, the multi-faceted Argentinean proved how a human rights campaign can be blended perfectly through art, and how this can ultimately be a powerful weapon in the advancement of unalienable rights and liberties.




Through his work, Leon Ferrari questioned concepts such as war, religion, power, sex, and racism. Paintings, ceramic sculptures, poetry and his famous “heliografías” are only a handful of the mediums he used to get his point across to the audience. The artist would often resort to “livings” forms of art- in 1985 he created a series of artworks that included two birds defecating on Michelangelo’s Last Judgment. Because of provocative pieces like this, Pope Francis demanded that one of his exhibitions close, creating public turmoil that resulted in some of these pieces being attacked.

Leon Ferrari’s work, however controversial, has appeared in multiple exhibitions, galleries and museums around the world. He has also been the recipient of awards such as the Golden Lions award at the Venice Biennale. What do you think about his work? Let us know in the comments section below!

By: Daniela Serra