Scoop Art Master: Fernando de Szyszlo

Posted on July - 7 - 2015

Recognized as one of the most important modern artists in Latin America, Fernando de Szyszlo has managed to keep an analytical eye as well as his youthfulness when it comes to art. He was born in Lima, Peru in 1925 and at 90 years of age has won several awards and recognition for his abstract expressionism, as well as the intellectual intentness that accompanies all of his work. It is displayed at many of the world’s most recognized museums including The Guggenheim in New York City and the Museo de Arte Moderno in Spain.



Photo: Notimex


At Scoop Art, we love shining a light on both new and well-known artists, however Fernando is one of those rarities that can tell us a lot about how art has developed in this rapidly changing world. Aside from experiencing different cultures throughout his life (he has lived in France, Florence and Peru), de Szyszlo has something not many artists have-a first-hand account of the hardships humanity has been through since the 1920’s.  Because of this, his artwork demonstrates a unique complexity by blending tradition and culture with the modern concept that is the “digital age”.


One of the realities Fernando is currently facing is how the terms “loneliness” and “solitude” have changed throughout the years. With our increasing use of the smartphone, we are more likely to spend time looking at a screen than face to face with actual people. Did living in simpler times mean more complex interactions, and thus a deeper meaning to art? Has modern and contemporary art become more superficial over the years?


1240310.jpgPhoto: Notimex


You can view Fernando’s work at two ongoing exhibitions (open until September) at the Centro Cultural Inca Garcilaso in Peru, as well as the Duque Arango gallery in Medellin, Colombia (also open until the end of September).


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By: Daniela Serra