Sara Slipchinsky’s fascinating work

Posted on August - 2 - 2017

Photo courtesy: the artist

In the past century art transcended its own established barriers into new uncharted waters, aiding itself with the inclusion of other disciplines that have enriched its content and depth. It’s no wonder that present artists are not only creators, but also have rooted knowledge of other fields. Such is the case with Scoop Art’s new artist, Sara Slipchinsky. As a respected psychologist and psychoanalyst, Slipchinsky has been constantly drawn and fascinated since a young age by the self and its endless possibilities. With a keen power of observation, the Argentinian artist has devoted her art to untangle the vast relations between the people and their surroundings, by creating works that challenge the role of the spectator and yet, retain a aesthetic that make them unique and appealing.

Throughout her production her work has emerged in a series, each with a well-though title that conveys the though process behind them. Her series such as Paisajes, Consumismoser, Erótica de papel, Poesía visual, De lo informe, … y pasó por la vida sujectando su enigma, En principio fue el verbo, Globalización a la Argentina, Anonimato, Todo de la nada and Exoesqueletos are all dwellings on different aspects of the self and its place and interaction with the world that surround it.

Photo courtesy: the artist

Her work mainly revolves around paper, engravings and different techniques, as well as other media like installation, like in Consumismoser and performance in collaboration with Marina Btesh and Rosa Wolkowski in Máquina de Regar. The recognition of her work has led her to participate in both collective and individual exhibitions in Argentina as well as abroad.

In Scoop Art we are delighted to welcome Sara Slipchinsky and invite you to take a deeper look and explore this fascinating artist´s work.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Sara Slipchinsky – w/t from the series “Erotic paper” (diptych)