Martin Pelenur’s experimentations and processes

Posted on June - 8 - 2016

Scoop Art welcomes the talented Martin Pelenur to its ranks. The artist was born in 1977 in the city of Buenos Aires, but he is Uruguayan, where he currently lives and works.

He studied art under Fernando Lopéz Lage in the FAC (Contemporary Art Foundation in Montevideo, finishing in 2003.

He has won multiple prestigious awards in his native Uruguay as well as scholarships that made it possible for him to travel abroad to continue developing his artistic production, such as an award given by the Goethe Institute to visit Berlin in 2011. He has had multiple solo exhibitions in his native Uruguay as well as in international venues in Argentina, Denmark, Germany and various places in the United States. He has also participated in numerous group exhibitions, and his work is collected by significant public and private institutions such as the MACBA Collection in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and the Engelman-Ost Collection in Montevideo, Uruguay.

Repetition Series front

Photo Courtesy: Martin Pelenur

While Pelenur has dabbled in diverse media, such as video, photography, and installations, it is in painting that he finds his true interest and attention. Pelenur has continuously stated that he perceives painting as a way of thought and reflection.

In some of his work Pelenur experiments and combines different materials to observe how they react with each other and what comes out of their interaction. His methods have dawned upon chemical and scientific approaches as part of his creative process. These actions are some of the methods that Pelenur employs to continue his explorations in painting, where he seeks to eradicate his hand and gesture and give all attention to the forms that come out spontaneously. It can be appreciated that almost all of his paintings are abstract.

His productions a system made out of shapes, images and materials that come forth from his constant experimentation. Pelenur is an artist that has resisted conformability, always exceeding his known processes to push beyond them and maintain a dynamic and fresh approach to his artistic production. In Scoop Art, we show a selection of his work where a monochromatic palette, as well as the combinations of materials (such as tape and paper), create visually stimulating works.

By: Gabriela Martínez


Photo Courtesy: Abstraction in Action