Luciano Goizueta’s imaginative universe

Posted on May - 24 - 2016

San Jose 06 de mayo 2014 Escazu  pinturas y retratos del Pintor Luciano Goizueta Fotografia Jose Cordero

San Jose 06 de mayo 2014 Escazu pinturas y retratos del Pintor Luciano Goizueta Fotografia Jose Cordero

The city has proven to be a rich subject matter for artists, especially with modern urban developments in the last hundred years. The urban constructions have changed and have seen the pass of time, the weight of political change, the result economic fluctuation and social factors that form the idiosyncrasy of each city.

Luciano Goizueta has taken the city as his primal inspiration. Born in 1982, the Costa Rican artists has from an early age, developed his personal style mostly as a self-taught artist. Thanks to his Argentinean roots, he was able to travel to the big city of Buenos Aires, where the hectic capital enticed him to explore and capture it. Starting with photography, he then shifted his attention on big-scale hyperrealistic paintings, where he experimented with vibrant and saturated colors. His series “La Colmena” and “Irrealismo” depict, with a slight apocalyptic tone, the cities comprised of uncanny buildings suggested mainly by the high contrast of saturated colors and pitch-black shadows. These representations convey a social criticism and serve as an analogy of the failure Modern Proyect, thus manifesting the dehumanization of the living space as a symptom of postmodernity.

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Photo Courtesy of: Luciano Goizueta

His work later evolved into more playful compositions like “Desde adentro” y “Lo que subyace” where pop culture superheroes, women, animals, every-day objects and machinery are combined with urban backgrounds flooded with solid surfaces of color.

There is a strong chromatic aspect in all of Goizueta’s work, but as he clearly has a preference for allover painting, his drawings are nonetheless equally impressive and important in his line of work. Adopting the Japanese concept of keeping an intimate diary under one’s pillow, he developed the “PillowBook” series in 2009 which mainly consists of a 188-page diary in which every page is filled with intricate drawings of machines, animals, people and other creations bursting from Goizueta’s personal universe. These drawings and dynamic compositions thus become visual essays.

Goizueta has proven to be one of the most talented young artists around and has had more than 12 solo exhibitions, mainly in his home country of Costa Rica as well as in Panama, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, and U.S.A. He has also participated in group shows in Panama, Guatemala, U.S.A., Argentina, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada and China.

In Scoop Art we welcome this talented artist and show some of his imaginative and unique drawings.

By: Gabriela Martínez


Luciano Goizueta “Una Sola Idea”