Life is not black and white, but art can be!

Posted on January - 11 - 2017

Auxiliares, Daniel Chauche. Photo Courtesy: the Artist

As the yearly activities start taking on more speed, that painting or photograph that has been lingering in your mind for the last couple of months, could be an excellent way to launch 2017. Life doesn’t have to be black and white, but when it comes to art, the combination never fails to be a great addition to any collection. In Scoop Art we offer you an array of works that could fill in that hole on your wall that is yearning to be covered up with art. Here are some monochromatic works that manage to make up in technique and content what they lack in color.

Sin Título, Carmen Elena Trigueros.

The Salvadoran artist has been working on her series “The Life” for over four years, where she quotes images from advertising and popular culture, extracted mainly from the issues of Life magazine spanning from the 50’s. The realistic paintings are charged with a satirical undertone resulting in works that are both critical and aesthetically pleasing, thanks in great part to her superb technique.

Sin Título, Carmen Elena Trigueros. Photo Courtesy: the Artist

Bodegón 5, Walterio Iraheta

Another great Salvadoran artist, Iraheta appropriates everyday objects and conveys them with new significances, thus manifesting new relationships between them, alluding to complexities that spring from quotidian exchanges. Reminiscing over Baroque still-life paintings, the arrangements are dynamic due to the alternation between light and shadows, resulting in vibrant contemporary compositions.

Bodegón 5, Walterio Iraheta. Photo Courtesy: the Artist

Auxiliares, Daniel Chauche

Photojournalism is known for producing harsh photographs, and it takes a genuinely sensible photographer to capture of beauty that exists in the mundane. With a keen eye, the pictures of Daniel Chauche reflect the quiet beauty that distils from the lives of different people and their personal struggles. The black and white format he uses strips life of color, but leaves emotion and a hint of nostalgia intact.

These are our picks, which one is your favorite?

By: Gabriela Martínez de la Hoz