Latin American Pride in Art Basel, Basel

Posted on June - 24 - 2015

Often described as the “Olympics of the Art World”, Art Basel in Switzerland showcased thousands of international artists this past week. It is rightfully given that title, as it displayed a variety of artistic mediums fit for the taste of any art lover, curator, and critic.

If you were lucky enough to attend the weeklong celebration of Modern and Contemporary art, you probably experienced masterpieces by the likes of world-famous artists such as Takashi Murakami as well as up and coming artists like Diango Hernandez. Attendees also got to participate in cultural events such as artist interviews and films, leaving with a sense of how much real talent exists in today’s world where just about anyone can become “insta-famous”. The number of guests this year was astonishing, reaching just over 90,000 people, among them Larry Gagosian and Leonardo DiCaprio.


Photo: Art Basel Basel


At Scoop Art we were thrilled to see the rising number of Latin American artists displaying their work as well, hailing from Brazil, Costa Rica and Mexico, among others. Some masterpieces included “Sphère Lutétia” by world-famous Jesus Soto (Venezuela) and the vibrant creations by Federico Herrero (Costa Rica).


Federido Herrero “Paisaje”

Photo: New York Sun


Many of these exhibitions created a visual discussion about the use of public spaces devoted to inspire dialogue, whether it be political or cultural. Artistic expression represented through this type of medium is often the outlet for voices that have been silenced, especially in today’s political turmoil in many Latin American countries.


All of the masterpieces sold at Scoop Art have a statement to make as well- be sure to check them out and tell us what they say to you!


Extra tip: If you weren’t able to experience Art Basel Switzerland, be sure to check out Art Basel Miami in December. 

By: Daniela Serra


Jesus Soto

Photo: The Latin American Art Journal