Latin American Art Market

Posted on March - 29 - 2016

In today’s global economy, Latin America represents a strong force in the growing world market. In the past century, this continent has exported great and talented artists that have helped shape the international artistic development. Their unique perspective on diverse subjects have provided curators and collectors with new and rich discourses to analyze and unravel diverse social imageries from around Latin America.

It used to be only the Modern artists who gained the attention of collectors and auction houses, whose prices soared through the roof and made headlines around the world. Now contemporary artists are gaining notice in the international scene and their values are skyrocketing. The auction house arena of the last decade has been dominated by big names belonging to different avant-garde movements such as the Surrealists Roberto Matta, Leonora Karrington and Remedios Varo, modernists Wifredo Lam, Rufino Tamayo and Joaquín Torres García, kinetic and op artist Jesús Soto and Carlos Cruz-Diez and superstars such as the established Fernando Botero, Vik Muniz, Gabriel Orozco and the Colombian boy wonder Oscar Murillo. 

07soto-baumgardner-slide-4es2-jumbo.jpgJesús Rafael Soto “Doble progresión azul y negra”


One of the countries that has had a stable market is Brazil and has always been strong when it comes to buying local artists. It is usually the Neo-Concrete artists such as Lygia Clark and Helio Oiticica that gain all of the attention, but in the last five years two women have dominated international auctions and sales: Beatriz Milhazes and Adriana Varejão. Lately the market has also seen the rise of Rivane Neuenschwander, Os Gemeos for some time now, Cildo Meireles and Luiz Zerbin among others. 

By: Gabriela Martínez


Carlos Cruz Diez