Jesús Hernández-Güero and the tradition of Cuban Art

Posted on June - 1 - 2017

Photo courtesy: the Artist

After more than five decades of political and economic isolation, Cuba is now reentering the global arena since its renewal of its relation with the U.S. in 2014 when the two governments surprised the world when they restored diplomatic ties. This significant international occurrence can have substantial consequences on Cuban art and artists. For the last 50 years, Cuba has produced great art and artists that with a style and personal voice retain a humorous critique or pose a severe criticism of the actual events and are at the level of any works produced in Europe or the United States. Artists have not silenced their voices, and some have revolted against suppression. With the removal of economic sanctions, artists are now facing a new dawn, their works will be more readily available to the whole world, and their prices adjusted to international markets.

A new generation of artists from Cuba is on the rise, and their work retains its quality and strength. Among them, we at Scoop Art are pleased to represent the work of cuban artist Jesús Hernández-Güero, a fresh new artist whose talents are vigorously represented in his provocative work. Hernández-Güero doesn’t miss the opportunity to state his sharp social critique and political views, and since he headed over to Venezuela, where he currently resides, he’s work has been enriched and continued to challenge official convention.

Hernández-Güero works with diverse media, ranging from photography, sculpture, and installation. His intention in revolting and engaging the public reached a concrete result when in 2014 his work “Tener la Culpa”, consisting of a bent 7 meters flagpole, showcasing the Venezuelan flag on the ground, was exhibited at Caracas. The reaction to the artwork unleashed a strong reaction from the media, forcing the organizers to sanction the artwork.

Jesús Hernández-Güero “Tener la Culpa”. Photo courtesy: The Artist

Taking advantages of the symbolic significance of images, Hernández-Güero plays with different images, juxtaposing them to highlight the tensions that are present in society. In one of his last series Coincidencias Históricas, the artist created a group of colleges where the images of two opposing political figures fuse as one, creating a dissonance but manifesting the similarities between the leaders, equally guilty of committing atrocities.

His work has gained international interest, which has gotten his work into group exhibitions in the United States and abroad. Hernández-Güero proves to be faithful to the Cuban tradition of standing up for his rights and opinions, and with each passing year, we expected his work to continue engaging and retaining its provocative tone.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz

Jesús Hernández-Güero “Fidel & Chavez”