Inside the Studio: Rolando Monterrosa

Posted on December - 20 - 2015

“I use drawing as an art form, I identify myself with the technique for it’s simplicity. I believe that it is a graphical tool that allows me to express my thoughts and feelings, this way I materialize my ideas and feelings depending on my mood and try to simulate the vibrations that I perceive in my surroundings.”


“In my drawings I try to interpret the vibrations automatically and in an unconscious way, letting me go with the movement. I work the human figure, creating characters with no anatomical details and individual identity, trying to recover memories from the past, people I met and forgotten their faces or that I perceive in a very abstract way, this way I explore the limits of the subconscious trying to collect and bring to light moments, characters and thoughts.” 



Photo Credits: Rolando Monterrosa


What is the best advice an artist has given you? It was not an artist. They were my parents, they always told me to do what I like to do, they supported me and instilled the courage to believe in oneself.

What are your favorite artists? In college, my first art teacher was Alfredo Catalán (Salvadoran), he took several of his works to class and showed his talent, I was captivated by his line and the ease with which it outlines flowing on paper, it seemed impressive, worthy of admiration and of course I follow his footsteps as an artist. On the other hand, I really like the works of Egon Schiele, his perfect line and fluid stroke with unnatural anatomical features, the stylization of the figure and the peculiar way he had to address the issue of sexuality despite the time seems just beautiful to me. The Russian artist Nikolay Blokhin’s drawings for me are frozen moments that seem dreams in a way in which the technique is applied, they seem to be disappearing on paper, it fills me with emotion, makes me want to travel back in time and be right in that moment. I really like the photographic work of Man Ray, I think it is unique, takes photography to another level, the use of space and light affecting the figure establishes a direct dialogue with us, it encouraged me to study the light and effect.

What’s your favorite artwork from another artist? It must be the portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer by Gustav Klimt. Directly influenced aesthetic to Schiele and broke with the traditional way of painting, which I’m very excited because I believe that I am not someone particularly traditional.

Do you work with music or in silence? I think music influences all people regardless the activity we are doing. Till now I do not know anyone who does not like music and does not use it for personal activities, we are pace, we are vibration, our body responds to sound in the form of vibration, in my pieces I usually dive into my drawings with my headphones on, but I also get carried away by the natural sounds of my surroundings, I work in an old neighborhood surrounded by many trees, at night the silence makes to hear the sound of the pen, leaving the ink mark on paper.