HABITAT of Lezzueck Asturias

Posted on February - 15 - 2015

A utopian scenario is one that arises from reflection. Fertile dream, incidentally, which nourishes the visual repertoire of Lezzueck Asturias who expresses as an observer and part of a surreal nature and metaphysics. Therefore flora and fauna are very particular limelight in Paradise offered, illusory, since the watchful eyes of birds of the same name. These birds, says Asturias, “represent the absolute nature”. It follows also that the artist perceives in all genres species and a breath of freedom that goes along the coexistence of humans. Bipedal beings who share the terrestrial stage.

I cannot find better words to describe the essence of the sample than Lezzueck’s own: Compositions “convey a strong desire for absolute respect for the flora, fauna and environment and harmonious coexistence between human animal and the natural animal”. “It is, (and this is much logic in countries like Germany, perhaps the country more globally about the environment and its persistence is concerned, where the author works) called on the proper use of natural resources for their survival.”

One after another, each image represents a longing that these chimeric figures of the past with visions of the future. Colored clouds of the past are replaced by dramatic and even extraterrestrial panoramic, if you will, in which images arise as a message of life and hope. Humorously, in some cases, ingenuity in others, ingenuity on all the artworks. Asturias presents his visionary universe and invites us to dream from its proposal.

By: Guillermo Monsanto