The geometric artists that you can find in Scoop Art

Posted on July - 13 - 2016

Martin Pelenur

Martin Pelenur "Repetition Series"

As it has been discussed in Scoop Art, Geometric Abstraction was, and still is, an essential artistic movement, intertwined with Latin America’s cultural and artistic development. It would take a long and thorough essay with a profound political and social description of the time to understand it fully. It is possible to consider that Geometric Abstraction has become a sort of tradition, coming forth as one of the dominant styles linked to modern times. Its success and aesthetic appeal are probably why it is still being employed by young artists today as it was decades ago.

Its pleasing aesthetic appearance and its lack of obvious external references make Geometric Abstraction a style that relies on form, color, composition and the artist’s knowledge and ability to mix these elements harmoniously to create original works of art.

Among Scoop Art’s catalog, some artists endeavor into this technique and manage to differentiate themselves apart and show their unique personal style.

Patricia Salamonde

The Brazilian artist aims for a non-interpretation of her work and prefers that it please the senses, stimulating visual pleasure and aiming for a calmer aesthetic experience. Salamonde creates bright and vibrant works that strive to enhance and complement the lives of the people who admire them.

Liliana Iturriaga

The Chilean-born Iturriaga currently resides in Venezuela, where she has clearly been influenced by some of the great kinetic artists of the country. In her work, she investigates the reprising role of geometry with an emphasis on free forms that generate through gesture and body movement. In her work, she creates linear compositions of considerable visual impact and evident kinetic features.

Cristina Hauk
The Argentinian artist experiments with different mediums and materials. Through the variation of color and forms, Hauke creates an optical universe through the repetition of simple geometric shapes, thus creating intricate patterns and textures. This reiteration emphasizes the passage of time and the power of change that manage to dodge our distracted perception.

Martin Peleneur

The Uruguay artist has a strong relationship with nature and with its transitory and ever-changing processes. This is shown in his work where he highlights the importance of action and experimentations. In the methods that Pelenur employs for his explorations in painting, he seeks to eradicate his hand and gesture and give all attention to the forms that come out spontaneously.

Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Guatemalan-born artists, Contreras-Paredes studied Visual Arts and Socio-Cultural Anthropology in Toronto. His work explores the concepts of space, distance, and identity through abstract geometric compositions and constructions.

By: Gabriela Martínez