Buying Art with Confidence

Posted on June - 9 - 2015

You don’t have to be an art expert (or a millionaire) to love art! Art “rookies” often feel intimidated when buying art, when in reality it can be a fun and liberating experience, just like reading a book or trying out a new restaurant. The key to collecting art with confidence is to trust your instinct and letting go of your fear.

At ScoopArt, we have a few tips to help you start your art collection and be proud of it:

 1. Find artwork that speaks to you: The right piece will inspire different emotions and perhaps even bring back memories.


 2. Enjoy the experience: The most amazing work of art is not necessarily sold at a gallery. If you look carefully the right piece can be found at your local thrift shop or on a bustling street somewhere. Don’t be afraid to tell the owner what you’re looking for!


 3. Diversify: Don’t hesitate to mix and match different styles of art – this is often the key to creating an amazing space in your home or office.


 4. Find affordable pieces: Online retailers like Scoop Art offer different pieces at a variety of prices. Extra perk: you can take your time and stare at the artwork for as long as you want!


So go ahead: throw fear out the window and buy what you love!

You can find out more about contemporary and modern pieces on our site – be sure to let us in on your thoughts and questions.

By: Daniela Serra 

Rolando Monterrosa “Escisión IV”