Artist Spotlight: Walterio Iraheta

Posted on August - 25 - 2015

Salvadorans are on fire in the contemporary art scene! This week, Scoop Art is thrilled to introduce Walterio Iraheta and his series “Still Life” to our online gallery. The visual artist is featuring 12 pieces, which are individual “bodegones”- an array of objects placed together that have no real relationship or obvious interaction among them.

The neutrality of the palette and the composition’s coldness work harmoniously together to accomplish a dead beauty that is aesthetic in itself. Walterio Iraheta is a skillful master when it comes to playing with hard textures, solid colors and the shadows that the objects create when positioned together.

Iraheta’s series of photographs is inspired by Flemish altarpieces and the spontaneity that can result from placing common household objects against refined, clean backdrops. The uncommon relationships that result in the careful placement of the objects, their symmetry, and the spaces between them are a depiction of today’s human relationships.

Bodegón “Still Life” 11

Photo: Walterio Iraheta

Walterio says- “our world revolves around a lot of objects produced by man for different uses”. A frequent theme in today’s discussion of superficial connections is exactly this- how these objects, often technological in nature, are useful but can create wide-open spaces between individuals, making humans object-like in the way we interact. In the (near) future, will it become almost impossible to find commonality among us as we start replacing these interactions with technological machines?

The artist currently lives in El Salvador and is interested in the dynamics of human movement, and hybrid cultures. Be sure to snag one (or more) of his photographs on our online gallery before they are all gone! 

By: Daniela Serra


Still Life Mural

Photo: Walterio Iraheta