Artist Spotlight: Ángel Poyón

Posted on February - 2 - 2016

Born in San Juan Comalapa in Chimaltenango, Ángel Poyón is one of the most influential and relevant contemporary artists working in Guatemala. He is also the co-founder of Kamin, which means “Today” in mayan Kaqchikel, an artists collective project in Comalapa, where diverse disciplines converge to set forth new creations.  

In his personal work, Poyón sets aside traditional media and focuses his attention on the object and its different connotations. Through transformations these objects become vehicles of understanding and carriers of emotional and intellectual overtones that the artist explores and tries to reveal. 

Poyón’s analytical subject matter deals with issues such as identity and the relationship it has with his heritage. Although some of his work has a satirical quality to it, its rooted on profound reflective meditations that convey a quite and subtle optimism.

His prolific career has been awarded on several occasions such as in 2002 with the golden glyph on the XII Arte Paiz Bienal and in 2007 he won the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation (CIFO) scholarship in Miami, U.S.A. 


 Angel Poyón “Radio Portatil”

He has had solo exhibitions in T20 Gallery (Murcia, Spain, 2012); TEOR/éTica Foundation (San José, 2011); DesPacio Gallery (San José 2010); Arte La Fábrica (Guatemala, 2006); Loft 5 (Guatemala, 2005); Galería El Attico (Guatemala, 2002); as well as participated in collective exhibitions in The 9.99 (Guatemala, 2013); ARCOmadrid (2013); Selección Colección Sayago & Pardon, Arte Latinoamericano (California, 2013); Demolición/Construcción (Córdoba, Argentina, 2012); Triángulo Centro-Sur-Caribe, Ex Teresa de Éxico (2012); Hoja Blanca (Zurich and Guatemala 2012); I Caribbean Triennial (Dominican Republic, 2011); +/- Esperanza MADC (San José, 2011); XXXI Pontevedra Biennial (España, 2011); memento mori, Galería (e)Star (Lima Peú, 2010); Tai Pei Fine Arts Museum (Taiwan, 2008), among others.

In Scoop Art we present “Calendario”, “Territorios del Día a Día no. 5”, “Territorios del Día a Día no. 6”, “Radio Potatil”, “Cámara”, “Retorno 1”, “Retorno 2”, “Retorno 3”,  “Retorno 4” where Poyón deals with concepts such as time, memories, power, globalization, permanence, otherness, abandonment, alienation and communication. 

By: Gabriela Martínez


Ángel Poyón “De la Serie el Retorno 4”