Artist Spotlight: Mauricio Esquivel

Posted on July - 21 - 2015

This week, Scoop Art is thrilled to present new artworks by Mauricio Esquivel. One of them is an original piece from his series Displacement Lines, which has been a success at different exhibitions globally and throughout Latin America. Eraser Home, another series, is a commentary on violence and how it can be virtually “erased” by symbolically creating a gun in eraser form.  


Photo: Mauricio Esquivel


Born in El Salvador in 1983, he graduated from the National University in fine arts and has lived in cultural hubs such as the UK, Cuba and Mexico, which have been an evident influence in his work. Esquivel has since developed a unique ability to play with diverse techniques, styles and palettes that all visually display his sensitivity to current political, cultural and societal issues.


For example, his skillful technique with “worthless” coins in his series Displacement Lines is all about telling a story about the various countries Esquivel has traveled to. The symbolic meaning each coin has is then bound together with historical information about each country the coin belongs to in order to create a powerful message about issues such as immigration laws and economical stability.

Photo: Mauricio Esquivel


The visual beauty of his work is not to be overlooked, though. Any of his pieces can be appreciated anywhere you choose to place them, and next to almost any piece you already own- this is because his artworks weave together many different mediums such as photography and painting. Take a look for yourself on our website and tell us which series appeals to you the most!


Extra perk: The Eraser Home series meets all international standards in safety and environmental care and is reciclable, so you can show off to your environmentally-conscious friends!

By: Daniela Serra

Photo: Mauricio Esquivel