Artist Spotlight: Mauricio Contreras-Paredes

Posted on February - 5 - 2015

Mauricio Contreras-Paredes is a young visual artist, whose work has emerged in Guatemala, Canada and Brazil. Today he lets us know about his magnificent work, what inspires him and where he wants to get through his paintings and sculptures.

“Hadn’t I been an artist, I think I’d have chosen to be an architect. The way humans transform spaces, shape their environment, enact masterpieces on the land, is fascinating. Although all my work can be traced to my interest in space and distance, my recent work doesn’t revolve around the notion of space that we are all familiar with. I am not interested in spaces that have been seen, discovered, measured, or felt. I am interested in non-visible, non-existent (probably imaginary) spaces and architectures such as those found in our dreams, our feelings, our memories. 

The fact that we can’t interact with such space doesn’t rule out its materiality in some other realm of existence. In fact, when we dream, we walk through places, we see monuments, we run through paths that have been somehow designed. When we remember something, we often remember the place where such memory happened, and such architecture has probably been confused, merged or altered altogether by our mind to create a new one.”


Mauricio Contreras-Paredes, Monument to the Unknown

“Nowadays I am taking these interests further through the creation of 3D work. It was to be expected, given my obsession with space, that sooner or later I would aim to transform those snapshots into real objects, as if they were real spaces, that can be experienced by all our senses. What is the point, if any, of only dreaming about them?”

Mauricio’s artwork is available on the Scoop Art store!

By: Maria Jose Escobar