Artist Spotlight: Eny Roland Hernández

Posted on October - 6 - 2015

Scoop Art has just introduced Guatemalan artist Eny Roland Hernández to its Art Store, but his unwavering energy and dedication to his work deserve an honorable mention in this week’s Artist Spotlight.

A self-taught photographer, Eny started his career as a photojournalist for a local Guatemalan newspaper. He then went on to create powerful images that vibrate with his strong ideology and opinions about Guatemalan culture, society and how Catholicism can shape (for better or for worse) a developing nation and its youth.

This last theme seems to weave itself into a permanent dialogue throughout all of his artworks. A collection of series currently sold on our website, such as Dark Room; El Cónvite de Totonicapán; and Sweet Mortification all present the viewer with an opportunity to get up close and personal to the main subject, even if he/she does not fully understand the inner workings of Guatemalan religion and its conservative influences.  Although a detectable diversity from series to series is apparent – in style, technique, and form – a clear-cut “lack of freedom” is always manifested.

serie-cuarto-oscuro-3-91254-std.jpgSerie Cuarto Oscuro 3

El Cónvite de Totonicapán, for example, represents this lack of freedom through themes of globalization and consumerism. The cartoon characters take possession of space when taken out of their element (the annual ritual which takes place on December 25th), and each character’s symbolic meaning shines in a different, often more grotesque light.

el-convite-de-totonicap-n-2-07951-std.jpgEl Convite de Totonicapán 2

Artists like Eny who confront the reality of their country through their work can often be faced with harsh criticism and be called “blasphemous”. For example, the series Sweet Mortification speaks about the hypocrisy of using religious symbols in processions and the feigned devotion of some of its participants. It is this risk, however, that has placed a global spotlight on this artist. He has recently showcased some of his work on the LGBT community (also a touchy subject in Guatemalan culture) in Denmark. You can check out more of his masterpieces here

By: Daniela Serra

dulce-mortificaci-n-la-mortaja-36479-std.jpgLa Mortaja