Artist Spotlight: Danny Zavaleta

Posted on May - 18 - 2015

Through his contemporary artwork, Salvadoran artist and graphic designer Danny Zavaleta gives us a look at the world he grew up in, a world often surrounded by violence and social division. Zavaleta deals with important subjects in today’s news and offers a glimpse into daily life in El Salvador, ultimately replicating the constant fear of death and adverse conditions endured by thousands of people around the world.



Danny Zavaleta “Hak!” Series Version of a City

Photo: Danny Zavaleta

Zavaleta’s art allows the observer to witness a country ravaged by violence between maras, portraying children and young adults who have been educated that this is the only way to survive. The artist creates pieces that attempt to resuscitate some of the urban spaces that have been damaged by these groups through the use of graffiti. Usually, this type of vandalism embodies the maras’ ideology and violent proclivity, as well as the immense need for self-expression they seem to demand.



Danny Zavaleta “Granade”

Photo: Danny Zavaleta


A subtle irony is created between the subject of Zavaleta’s artwork and the soft, almost soothing tones used to create it, as if suggesting that beauty can be found anywhere, even amongst violence. Some of his pieces also include embroidery that is contrasted by the grim images that embellish it.  Be sure to check out more of Danny Zavaleta’s unique pieces on Scoop Art.

By: Daniela Serra


Danny Zavaleta “Cristo / 345

 Photo: Danny Zavaleta