Artist Spotlight: Daniel Chauche

Posted on October - 13 - 2015

So many artists, so little time! Daniel Chauche is just one of the latest additions to our store, and art collectors will have their work cut out for them when choosing between his many gorgeous photographs (although who said you have to get just one?).

The artist’s black and white photographs, printed in high-quality silver gelatin, portray Guatemalan locals in all their beauty. As the subject of intense (and often negative) media coverage these past few months, it’s no secret that this small country has been through a great deal. With dramatic elections, hair-raising political upheaval and devastating landslides, artists like Daniel Chauche remind the world of the wonderful place that Guatemala is, as well as the individuals that work so hard to keep it running.


“José Godinez”

Born to a French father and American mother, Daniel Chauche settled in the picturesque Antigua Guatemala in the early 1980’s after receiving his Master’s degree in Fine Arts. He has since then focused on traveling the country and documenting the small “histories” behind the individuals that agree to be photographed. The simplicity behind a black and white photograph mixed with the complexity of the characters as subjects create an inspiring metaphor for the darkness and light that is Guatemala.  

Daniel Chauche says: “My visual language shows a very personal approach to everyday life that reflects, through its specificity, the many ways of being in this nation. The styles I use to capture images are all rooted in the very concrete needs of transmitting to the viewer a sense of time and place of when they were taken, while remaining timeless, frozen, to be rediscovered”.

What makes Chauche’s art so appealing is his ability to transform the ordinary into the extraordinary – screenshots of small fragments of “simple” life are now permanent examples of the magical Guatemalan community. The captivating men, women and children that make up his images can be seen here

By: Daniela Serra

sennora-de-santa-catarina-ll-san-pablo-ll-1993-000-copy.jpg“Señora de Santa Catarina”