Artist Spotlight: Carmen Elena Trigueros

Posted on August - 4 - 2015

This week, we are introducing our first female artist on Scoop Art! Born in El Salvador, the talented Carmen Elena Trigueros has worked with various types of mediums throughout her career, including painting, textiles and installations. This experience has allowed her to create hip and unconventional works of art, especially her current series titled “Life”. 

“Life” deals with a central issue in today’s Latin society- one that has been slowly undergoing measurable changes but still needs global awareness to evolve. The conversation about women’s rights and roles is a fundamental part of today’s news, not only in Latin America but around the world as well. What makes this series more meaningful is that Carmen has experienced first-hand what it’s like to grow up as a woman in a patriarchal society. The pressures and expectations that go hand in hand with being a woman (and how these have changed since she was born in 1963) was what inspired her to create “Life”.


Carmen Elena Trigueros “Nivea”

Photo: Carmen Elena Trigueros

Using oil as her primary technique, Carmen recreates advertisements and photographs from the 1950’s published on the pages of Life magazine. By mixing text and several of these images, a new dialogue is created for the modern audience that still reminds us of the pressing issue at hand. This dialogue also manages to inspire a feeling of nostalgia for the so-called “simpler” times.

Even if the message behind Carmen’s pieces is no laughing matter, her work can instill a sense of positivity wherever you decide to hang your new artwork. Some of the pieces carry uplifting phrases such as “Make each day a new one” and “The good times that wait for us!”, instilling hopefulness for the future of women’s rights in Latin America and all over the world. 

By: Daniela Serra


Carmen Elena Trigueros “Que Buenos Tiempos nos Esperan”

Photo: Carmen Elena Trigueros