Artist Spotlight: Antonio Pichilla

Posted on June - 3 - 2015

Dating back to the early Mayans, art has held a firm presence in the daily lives and culture of Guatemalans, which is why at Scoop Art we are always excited to feature the work of a fellow Guatemalan. This week, the Artist Spotlight is on Antonio Pichillá, a contemporary artist born in the picturesque town of San Pedro la Laguna, Sololá in 1982. He has participated in both solo and group exhibitions in Guatemala, Mexico and Spain, among others. 


Antonio Pichillá “Amarillo Anudado”

Oil over Canvas, Wood and Metal


Many of Pichillá’s masterpieces draw inspiration from Mayan rituals, images, and objects. These forms of artistic expression are vibrantly tied to the concept of time, a subject that is often front and center in the artist’s works of art. “I believe in artistic expression as a product of the everyday. I situate myself within this perspective, materializing though ephemeral objects, like a candle that is lit, is consumed and finished,” says Pichillá. 


 His colorful and eclectic masterpieces are evidently tied to his roots as well as the environment that he grew up in, making his images a collection of compelling artistic statements.  


Antonio Pichillá “Kukulkan”

Oil on Canvas and Yarn


Scoop Art is continuously striving to shine a light on the work of unique artists who are proud of their heritage and display this patriotism through an artistic medium. Be sure to check out more of Antonio Pichillá’s work on our website.

By: Daniela Serra

nudo.jpgAntonio Pichillá “Nudo”

Oil on Canvas and Industry Textile