Artist Spotlight: Alejandro Medina

Posted on June - 17 - 2015

Young, fresh and talented, twenty-year old Alejandro Medina is the focus of our Artist Spotlight this week. A native Guatemalan, Medina became interested in the world of art at the early age of eleven when he received his first camera. He has since graduated from La Fototeca, a prestigious photography school in Guatemala, and has displayed his artwork at multiple international exhibitions.  


One of Alejandro’s many inspirations comes from communicating ideas through the use of different visual mediums such as photography and architecture. He often ties his artworks with today’s rapidly increasing use of technology and how this affects our relationships. His current series titled Transfigurations is a clear example of this inspiration. Medina breathes life into inanimate objects through a dynamic process called “repetitive collage” using magazine cutouts and photography. 


Alejandro Medina “Transfigurations 1”

Digital and Analogue Collage, Print on Cotton Paper


Medina also embraces his love of photography in a website he created called “100 Ojos Latinos”, where he publishes interviews with various contemporary photographers from around the world. 


Alejandro Medina has become the youngest artist to exhibit his work at the Museum of Modern Art in Guatemala. Scoop Art is thrilled to introduce him to our website, and know that our viewers will love his photography and art as well. Be sure to leave your comments and let us know what you think!

By: Daniela Serra


Alejandro Medina “Transfigurations 4”

Digital and Analogue Collage, Print on Cotton Paper