Another year comes to an end and the Latin artistic community thrives once again

Posted on December - 22 - 2016

20 Bienal Arte Paiz. Photo Courtesy: Guate News

As another year comes to an end and the clock sets itself, we can help but think about the remarkable pursuits the Latin community undertook. In a year agitated with social and political change and turmoil, the art market’s demand for Latin American art didn’t waver, and art fairs were on the frontline promoting for Latin American works.

From South to North in the American continent, Latin American art was represented diversely through exhibitions, fairs, auctions and biennales. Exciting new works were presented at the fairs that clustered around the South’s capitals. In Argentina, ArteBa showcased edgy Argentinian spaced and established galleries, ArtRio and Sp-Arte in Brazil quenched the voracious market even in a time of political uncertainty and ArtBo in burgeoning Bogota continued to move forward. All of these fairs managed to show the best work by local galleries and artists while igniting the domestic market and turning a profit. At overseas Latin American galleries distinguished themselves, gaining the attention of the international eye as well as bringing to the spectators a fresh and vibrant collection of artists. Over at Art Basel, ARCO, and Miami’s many fairs, galleries such as Kurimanzutto, Revolver Gallery, Casa Triângulo and Proyectos Ultravioleta stand out from the crowds and bring a something different to the table.

arteBA. Photo Courtesy: arteBA

There is no doubt that the growing recognition and demand for Latin American artists is not only shown in the contemporary arena, but also for the great Modern Masters that cause a commotion at auctions and gross stratospheric prices. Let’s not forget the king of auctions who’s sales alone in 2016 earned over $13.3M just at Christie’s and Sotheby’s auctions. Talk about a good market price.

Leaving figures aside, the year 2016 also saw significant curatorial endeavors at exhibitions and biennales. The 32nd Biennale de São Paulo “Live Uncertainty” happened to parallel to the presidential indictment, amid the political excitement. Nevertheless, its curatorial speech blossomed and became the more relevant, exposing the uncertainties in which the continent lives on. Also, hitting close to home, the 20th edition of the Biennale of Arte Paiz and the 10th Central American Biennale, manage to bring to audiences the best work of regional artists in contrast with the work of international artists.

All around, the passing year offered a varied assortment of the best works produced in the bubbling and agitated continent and at Scoop Art we are happy that you could share this path with us and invite you to accompany us in what the year 2017 might bring. See you on the other side!

By: Gabriela Martínez de la Hoz

Sao Paulo Biennial. Photo Courtesy: ARTnews