Alfredo Ceibal exhibits in Casa de Cervantes

Posted on April - 19 - 2016

Located in the Historical Center of zone 1 in Guatemala City, Casa de Cervantes, a picturesque traditional house, is becoming a spot for cultural gatherings and exchange. Last Friday, it opened it’s two doors to the curious public with an unexpected exhibition. When one entered and passed the central patio, you reached a small room at the end of the hall. On the room’s white and aged walls hung different paintings, drawings and even at the bottom, plants and flowers, all works by the prolific and recognized Guatemalan artist, Alfredo Ceibal.

“Unknown energies” was the titled of the exhibition, and with that enigmatic statement came with a text written by Ceibal himself, who, after all, is the best person to describe the hidden meanings behind his different characters and amorphous figures. Through his artistic trajectory, Ceibal has been very interested in man’s convulsed relationship with himself and nature and, although to the less informed viewer it may not be that obvious in the beginning, the infinite possibilities of alien life in the universe.

“Atracción” Unknown Energies Series

The exhibition collected some works from his series “Dialogues”, “Microorganisms” and “Unknown Energies”, pieces where man’s presence is suggested or represented in monochromatic or colorful drawings. Some of the topics that are set forth deal with man’s place in the world, how he affects it, who deep his roots are buried in it and in what direction it is condemning it. It also presents cell-like representations, with earthy colors, remitting either or simultaneously to microscopic living organisms or massive supernova.

untitled.pngPhoto: Gabriela Martinez

The most touching and a clear example of the grand subtlety which characterizes the work of Ceibal can be appreciated in a drawing that he executed directly on the wall of the room. He has always opted for an economy of materials and forms, striving for simplicity and austerity and the drawing on the wall illustrates this perfectly. A thin pencil line beginnings at the door and continues taking in holes, plasters, cracks and the generally aged surface of the walls, and transforming this imperfection into a tiny microscopic world, peacefully coexisting with the parallel situation taking place in the room.

The work of Ceibal manages to present through simple yet beautiful drawings and watercolors deep philosophical conundrums, connoting man’s conditions with the past and reflexions about its future.

By: Gabriela Martinez


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