Alex Cuchilla and the Remaking of Reality

Posted on March - 5 - 2015

From long time ago, Alex Cuchilla has formed a self taught technical domain structuring his artwork. It is to recognize that from the start he has faced the hard reality, confront it, be disciplined and carry on with it: Alex is a warrior not a fighter.

For me writing on Alex’s painting is about professional deep honesty. He is a hard worker of culture. 

As a teacher of artwork he spends many hours a day working in every detail. His artwork has always given me the invitation to contemplate it.

Alex takes the reality from its input and guidelines. Then he presents them as formal content that have passed by an exercise of remaking. Takes his guidelines, decomposes and then transforms them into a new version with a more human perspective.

His work is spontaneous, that’s his contribution to look at reality, inside or outside as a new way of expressing the composition of drama visually. To show the history of the city is a very important part of his work. It describes the city as a storm of icons that are valid for all America. He has been able to pick in every corner of America’s city little details of their identities.

I have seen how he has transformed, advanced and made progress, always in a professional way. Communicating the essence. We are in front of a painter that has evolved into compositions, in which color is ordered in maximum extent of his great domain of drawing. His capacity to create his own language of sensibility by his hand trace and a critical vision to captivate the motive, reflect with a lot of passion what surrounds, show and demonstrate what we do not see, the discipline to observe, to see the universe with educated eyes to the value. That is what Alex Cuchilla teach us through his painting. 

By: Roberto Huezo, Altamira


Alex Cuchilla, La Gran Petición 1