9th edition of Ch.ACO opens its doors to the public

Posted on October - 12 - 2017

In October, we aim our attention to the south of the American continent, into the Patagonian territory, as the capital of Chile will be hosting the 9th edition of Ch.ACO, an international art fair where the work of several artists will be presented in the booths of 50 local and international galleries. Since its beginning in 2009, the purpose of the fair has been to serve as a platform for the promotion and stimulation of the art market as well as to offer a space for art and artists to gather. These two primary goals intend to promote the development of the local art scene and create a connection between the public and the actors of the Latin-American art world.

The fair has gained attention and attracted a steady following through the years, engaging with approximately 30,000 visitors on a yearly basis. In the section MAIN, 24 galleries will be presenting their most exceptional artists, seeking to impress the eager crowds that will come together at the CV Galería in the Vitacura area.

As part of its structure, Ch.ACO will present FOCUS a section overseen by the curator Cecilia Fajardo-Hill, who invited 18 artists from 9 galleries to show their work under the unifying theme of the relationship between subject and object in contemporary practice. Another segment of the fair entitled PLANTA assembles a group of creative up-and-coming creative spaces that were chosen by the Chilean curator Carolina Castro because of their innovative and unique methods. This includes Big Sur, Pastos, Piedras, UV Estudios from Argentina; Panam, Sagrada Mercancia, Totoral Lab from Chile; Tokio Galería from Perú, and Km 0.2 from Puerto Rico. Also, the editorial section NAVE DE EDICIONES will present the publications of independent publishing houses that center around art.

As part of its educational agenda, the fair will also host talks during the week as well as engage with the community through Art and the City, an initiative coordinated by local agents, cultural institutions and private entities that offer community-based art projects.

If you´re in the Southern hemisphere, don´t miss this event in which South dialogues with the South, in an exciting and dynamic experience, that will surely invigorate the Chilean art scene and present to the public with edgy new work as well as the most renowned masters.

The event opens its doors from the 11th to the 15th of October.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz