4 reasons why we think art is a great gift

Posted on December - 21 - 2016

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With Christmas around the corner, a time to share with loved ones and rejoice over the year’s accomplishments, giving a gift that is both personal and unique is a great way of showing your affection. What else can fit that description but a work of art? In Scoop Art we think that art is an irreplaceable asset that stands the test of time and becomes a precious possession. Here are 4 reasons why we think art is worth being thought of as a gift.

1. Art is something unrepeatable.

One of the essential characteristics of art is its uniqueness. One work of art, although it can be part of a series, is by definition one of a kind and therefore there is not another quite like it. So, what beats something irreplaceable that is not mass-produced? If your answer is “nothing,” then we are on the same page.

2. Art says something about the person who gave it to you.

Different art appeals to a different kind of people, so not everything produced out there is likely to allure spectators. Either you like skillful realistic drawings, abstract splotches, surreal pastels, experimental sculptures or political photography, your choice says something about you and about what you want to share with the person your getting it for. It’s a very personal choice and says more about you than the color of sweater you picked out from the bunch.

Art Basel Miami, Kurimanzutto Booth. Photo: Scoop Art

3. Art is something worth owning.

Apart from the personal reasons, art also holds value and is one of the only assets; that value will increase in time, making it a solid investment in the long run. Chances are that, if all goes well for that artist, the painting hanging in the living room for years can be worth much more than you thought.

4. Art is beautiful.

Although beauty is a cultural construction, subjectivity still makes most of its definition. A photograph of a beautiful landscape, an abstract composition, and even an installation is beautiful in its own way, and if it’s placed harmoniously with its surroundings, it will lighten any room, making it stand out and giving it the missing piece it was lacking.

Convinced yet? Either way, in Scoop Art we wish you a happy Holliday and may your New Year be filled with joy.

By: Gabriela Martínez de la Hoz

Photo Courtesy: Getty Images