3 Scoop Art paintings that capture the feminine essence

Posted on July - 26 - 2017

Photo courtesy: Efraín Cruz

Have you ever stood in front of a portrait a wonder who was staring back at you? Since the dawn of art, individuals have been a constant focus and subject matter for artists. There is something about a capturing the human essence and managing to grab the observer’s attention and curiosity, that is fascinating to people. And if people weren’t enough to spark artist’s creativity, the figure of women has been gracing paintings, sculptures and every form of expression through the ages, serving as inspiration for countless works of art and artists who infuse life and mystique to their muses.

The artists at Scoop Art continue with the tradition and present works that present female characters that seduce and capture the spectator’s imagination. Here are three works by Lezzueck Asturias, Efraín Cruz, and Danny Zavaleta that place a woman at the center of their paintings.

Danny Zavaleta, Jaina #1
Who is Jaina? We are not sure, but she gives her back to us, looking over her shoulder as if she was abruptly interrupted and looks out for the intruder with a shy and seductive glance. The Salvadorian artist who specialized in graphic design shows in his paintings his fascination with popular images that have appeared through the development of art and the visual arts. With a retro-feel to it, the woman remits to a comic character, with high contrasts, standing out from the organic background.

Efraín Cruz, Left & Right
At the center of the painting, we see a young woman, dressed in a colorful dress, with an edgy and boyish haircut. She is holding a picture of herself holding a portrait of her until it becomes an infinite and diffuse chain of self-reference. The ability of Cruz is highlighted by the skillful and realistic depiction of the young lady.

Lezzueck Asturias, Las dos Caras del Martín Pescador
As a master of combining the animal realm in oneiric, Asturias’s compositions makes the imagination of whoever is watching swell to a fairytale land. In this work a woman becomes a kingfisher, a small bird fierce and colorful, contrasting with the soft and beautiful woman who stares directly at us.

Which one speaks more to you?

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz