3 Reasons why you should start collecting contemporary art

Posted on June - 7 - 2017

Photo courtesy: Martine Arle

When buying art there is something thrilling about finding the right piece to fit that space you have in your house, but when collecting art, the thrill becomes even more exhilarating when after weeks or months you finally find the piece that will enrich your collection. Buying art randomly is a different action than collecting art. When a buyer becomes a collector, he is choosing a different lifestyle that will have an impact on various parts of his or her life. It all sounds very pressing, but for some, it’s more than just a hobby and collecting contemporary art can be one of the most exciting and demanding activities. Besides the many reasons that dive different individuals down this path, here are three reasons we consider you should consider collecting contemporary art.

It keeps you research skills sharp
Collecting is not based on an impulsive decision; it’s a well-though action based on a series of parameters that the collector builds up to guide his choices. It all starts with the question: What do you like? Either you like sound art, installations, drawings, collages or whatever tickles your fancy, this will become a passion that will make you find things you never thought were being made out there. It can also lead you to discover things you didn’t know. If you like a work of art, you can research the artist and find out why he or she is doing this kind of art. He can be a formalist, an experimenter, a conservationist, a musician, have some political or social agenda or just like to make beautiful things. Either way, collecting keeps you sharp; it exposes you to a whole new range of information from politics to sociology, to design and technology that with time and skill, will help you find and distinguish the works and artists that most speak to you.

A new community opens its doors
In society, there are different niches for every hobby or interests that satisfy everyone. The art world is an exclusive and selective little group that if you become part of it, you can influence it and become somewhat of a player in this restless game, which also comes with a very impressive set of new character, such as gallerists, collectors, curators and artists which prove to be a hip new group of friends. Also, going to exhibitions, openings, art fairs, cultural activities or artist’s studios, will give you more knowledge to find the artworks that you like, or even give you the opportunity to promote that artist you believe in. It’s an exciting new world open up for those who love art and want to take part in the game.

The market rewards those who wait
If you are not much of a romantic and numbers and making a good deal is what gets you going, collecting art can also satisfy those cravings. Wonder why people are paying excessive prices for artworks at auctions? It’s not because they will look great with that rug they have lying around in the living room, but because like a good wine, these works will become more valuable with time and prove to be a smart investment for the future. It can be tricky and require an impeccable eye for talent and the market, but for those who are part of the art world and have their research skills sharp and updated, it can be very financially rewarding.

Contemporary is edgy, revealing and exciting. It can fill you with bliss, make you stare in awe or just make you feel uncomfortable and puzzled. In any case developing a taste for it can come very quickly if you take the first steps to understanding it and then purchasing it.

By: Gabriela Martinez de la Hoz