3 of Scoop Art’s talented Salvadoran Artists

Posted on February - 24 - 2016

Although one of the smallest countries in Central America, El Salvador is setting forth a new generation of talented artists, whose personal voices deals with relevant Latin-Americans and international issues. Scoop Art has had the opportunity to count some of them as part of our growing artistic community. 

Efraín Cruz

Efraín Cruz, born in 1984, undertakes everyday images, recreating compositions and making a collage of images through different techniques like dripping and vigorous brush strokes. He mixes different techniques and media to create new and vibrant work. He has exhibited in over 30 exhibitions in San Salvador and as well as in Guatemala, including Festival de Arte en Mayo and Rozas Botrán Gallery. He is sure to continue producing new and exciting work through more traditional media such as painting.


Efraín Cruz “Rojo”

Victor “Crack” Rodriguez

Rodriguez (1980) is one of the protagonists of Salvador’s performance scene. He recently has been nominated for the MISOL GRANT for emerging artists for the MISOL Foundation in Bogota, Colombia. Part of his style is to collaborate with different collectives in order for his work.

His works spring forth from deep observations of society’s class divisions, focusing on popular culture and cultural hybridization and how actions carried out by the artists in public spaces, based on anarchic principles, can affect the everyday life and ignite a strong reaction from the spectator. Perhaps the most noted of his public actions was carried out in 2012 as part of his work “Neutropolitan Attack” which was a series of performances carried out by the artist. “ON VW”, a piece which Scoop Art has its photographic documentation, consisted of Rodriguez presence in San Salvador’s downtown area, soliciting the assistance of every passerby in order to flip upside down a vintage Volkswagen Bettle. It’s social and political critique was never stated by Rodriguez, thus letting the public decide for themselves.


Victor “Crack” Rodríguez “On VW”

Mauricio Esquivel

Mauricio Esquivel (1980) graduated in fine arts from the National University of El Salvador. He has lived in Nicaragua, Cuba, Mexico and the UK. Esquivel is a multidisciplinary artist, whose prolific and varied productions range of different media like photography, painting, performance and installations. His subject matter can’t just be classified into a theme, but his production, mostly influences by geographic displacement, through his personal accounts as well as the political and social implications of a contemporary Latin-American condition. A possible coherent reading of his work would be through his multiple series such as the earlier “Eraser Home”, where he cancels violence with the universal connotations of erasers, the ongoing “Displacement Line”, and the newest of his series called “Glitchs” where he takes screenshot references to make a commentary on esthetic languages and gender roles in society. 

Scoop Art invites you to check this artists out in our website. Not only do these works contain a solid conceptual backdrop, but they also maintain an aesthetic line that makes them true works of art.

By: Gabriela Martínez


Mauricio Esquivel “Without Title” Displacement Line Series