3 Guatemalan artists living and producing abroad

Posted on January - 26 - 2016

Nowadays we are living in a globalized world, where distances are shortened with a single click and people can access and experience whatever is happening thousands of miles away. New interests and cheaper airfares make cultural immigration more accessible for the eager and ambitious artists, who desire to be, near the hegemonic artistic centers. This may be a challenging and competitive endeavor but for some it can prove to be an enriching experience.  

Scoop Art compiled a small list of some of these talented and adventurous artists. They are related in some way to Guatemala, either by heritage or by birth, but their work has been mostly shown abroad.

Javier Barrios was born in Mexico and spent a lot of his life abroad but has maintained a connection with Guatemala throughout the years. Currently he lives and works in Norway and has had multiple solo and group exhibitions in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, United Kingdom, Germany, United States and Guatemala. His work combines traditional medium with more experimental processes and enquires on one of Mankind’s most sough after question – What’s the meaning of everything? Through scientific explanations or popular believes, Barrios continues to stretch the relationship between the fictitious and the empirical. On 2014 he had his solo exhibition in Antigua´s Hotel Santo Domingo titled “The view of the vast”.

Born in Guatemala, Jessica Kaire is a multidisciplinary artist and art educator who currently resides between Guatemala and Brooklyn, New York. Her interest lay mainly in sculpture due to the fact that it lends itself to interaction and experience. Through her work, Kaire explores general and specific subjects of Guatemala like violence, gender issues and on a more personal note her Jewish background. Kaire also co-founded along Stefan Benchoam the Nuevo Museo de Arte Contemporáneo – NuMu, due to both artists’ interest in providing contemporary artists with a space to present their work and documented it. She has had the opportunity to show her work in several individual and group exhibitions in various countries, including Guatemala, the United States, Spain, Switzerland and Costa Rica and was heavily involved in the successful exhibition “Guatemala después”.


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Lucia Quevedo, was born in Switzerland and currently lives in London, but while growing up she lived a couple of years in Guatemala. She studied in The Chelsea College of Arts & Design and the Royal College of Art in London and has exhibited on numerous occasions in London as well as in Greece, Switzerland, Spain and Germany.  Her work focuses on the different ways that the world can be perceived, specially emphasizing the different possibilities of common objects and occurrences. On 2014 she won the Cowley Manor Arts Award and here artwork is currently on display in the garden.

By: Gabriela Martinez

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