3 Diverse Art Spaces to follow in South America

Posted on April - 12 - 2016

Latin America is still considered as a peripheral location in the art world, but due to the growing hunger for art and art spaces, it has set forth in the last decade a great number of interesting places that serve as meeting points to international and national artists. Among the ones that are we find very exciting, just to name a few are the following. 

NC- Arte, Bogota, Colombia

When walking through Bogota, it’s likely to miss the three-story stern grey building housing one of Colombia’s most interesting art spaces. Built originally in the late 30´s, NC-Arte boasts a renovated and modern interior but still manages to keep its retro appearance on the outside. With the support of Neme Foundations, NC-Arte was created with the intention of serving as a fertile space for dialogue and investigation. It yearly hosts around 6 exhibitions, showing the work of 3 international and 3 national artists, as well as an artist residency program, conferences and guided tours. The interesting venue has become a mandatory visit while staying Bogota and acts as one of the key spaces in the contemporary art circuit of the country.  Last year it reached its 5-year anniversary and commemorated it with an exhibition entitled “La Quinta Pared” displaying the work of 39 artists both from Colombia and abroad. 


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Inhotim, Brumadinho, Brazil

Referred by some as the contemporary wonderland, Inhotim lives up to its nickname and, surprisingly is one of the best-kept secrets for contemporary art lovers. The building was first built by the mining billionaire Bernardo Paz to host his personal collection, and then it became a public museum in 2006. The permanent collection boasts international big names, as well as Brazilian superstar artist like Helio Oitica, Cildo Meireles and Tunga, who have special pavilions dedicated to their work. Walking through installations and interacting with sculptures makes Inhotim a truly multi-sensory aesthetic experience to any of its visitors. Although it is not a free experience, it is certainly worth the investment.

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Revolver Gallery, Lima, Peru

Unlike Inhotim and NC-Arte, Revolver Gallery is a privately owned, commercial gallery, but nonetheless, it works as an important player in Lima’s growing art scene. It was initially set up by musician Renzo Gianella and artists Giancarlo Scaglia in an effort to offer a space for a new generation of contemporary artists. It has become internationally regarded as one of South Americas most noted galleries and its strong artist’s residency program has attracted artists around the world. The gallery aims to create a space where local and international creators can meet and set forth new dialogues and interactions.

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By: Gabriela Martínez